I empower people to invest in themselves in order to make positive changes in their lives…

Leanne Nardi

As an experienced career/life coach, I will help you explore your life and career options through our step by step program.  Keep in mind, I provide the program but you must do the growth work in order to facilitate your transformation. This is your personal journey…The more open you are to explore within, the more you will learn about yourself and be able to move forward… Kiss the blame game good-bye and stop the excuses…Yes, life has its challenges but the key to any adversity is to rise and work through it.  

Warning:  This program keeps you honest and accountable!!  This is your time to rise and shine, for YOU…  My motto is simple, “Live Life, Be YOU!

Flagship Program Values

Rise is based on 4 key values that all focus on being the best YOU can be:

Reinvest … Ignite …  Shift … Execute

  • Reinvest

    To reinvest in yourself!  This means investing in yourself and  committing to the program. We will support you on this personal journey ……

  • Ignite

    To ignite your awareness which will lead you to the path of finding your own vision

  • Shift

    To shift your mindset on a pathway of working through your goals towards being open to all that life offers

  • Execute

    Execute - To execute and put your ideas into action!  Having ideas is one thing but actually bringing it to fruition is another.. We will be there with you all the way!

My program is based on the Jay Shetty Certification School.

My philosophy follows ABC framework that ensures that the process is consistent, systematic, and effective.

The ABC framework helps to rekindle one’s vision in order to re-ignite one’s true passions and then take the necessary steps for the transformation to move forward..

The framework is divided into nine stages, the A’s, B’s, and the C’s.

A – Awareness, Audit, Accountability
B – Big Goals, Building Habits, Balanced Reflection
C – Consistency, Challenging Comfort, and Competence Mastery

“ I’m doing it because I choose it. And if it’s not working, I can make a change...”

- Alanis Morissette

The Process

Simple Steps to Success

Step 1

A complimentary discovery session (Duration: 15 minutes ) followed by a follow-up call (Duration: 1 hour) to decide on an action plan.

Step 2

Weekly remote one on one coaching (Duration: 60 min), plus on-going support to guide you to your best self.

Step 3

Implement action steps to put in motion the transformation to a better and fulfilled life on your terms.


Frequently Asked Questions

A life coach is a guide that helps clients discover their best selves.  A good coach possesses five critical skills:

  1. Effective listening – provides clarity and explores deeper meaning without judgement
  2. Ethical – ensures confidentiality and stays within the limits of expertise
  3. Empathetic – puts oneself in the other person’s shoes
  4. Motivating – the strongest predictor of successful change
  5. Inspirational – converts inner inspiration to serve others..

Everyone needs a coach!  Some of the most successful people in the world employ a coach.  Coaching is for people who recognize that they want to make a change in their lives and are motivated to move forward in order to attain a personal and/or professional goal.  However, many times a person hasn’t discovered their true potential and needs help exploring and then putting it into action.

If you have been sitting back and waiting, procrastinating, feeling overwhelmed, searching for new opportunities, seeking but not sure, and in the same place as you are in a year ago, five years ago….this program is for you!  Coaching guides you into the world of self discovery, improvement, and action..

Weekly remote one-on-one coaching sessions for 1 hour and follow-up through private messaging for a minimum of 8 weeks (to keep you accountable of course!).  Sessions are held through Zoom.

If you are looking for resume workshops and/or job finder counselling, this is NOT the program for you.  This program is based on YOU and your own personal journey.  YOU are the master and expert of your own life! Personal coaching is objective and we serve you as an honest guide and motivator. We will serve as a facilitator and motivator, and are skillful in guiding you to your greatest potential.  We keep it real, authentic, and genuine!