Happy New Year and bring on 2021!

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We’ve heard over and over again that 2020 was challenging, disappointing, and tragic!  Words such as “social distancing, covid-19, and lockdowns” have become the new buzzwords…Our world changed in an instant…some businesses prospered, many businesses adapted,  while others were decimated, and many personal lives were tested to the max.  I’ve always been a big fan of the “underdog” and there are many out there right now who are resetting, digging deep, and working smart to achieve their goals.  How?  By hiring a personal coach to help them to find and/or maintain their vision, to rediscover their intuition, guide them to their true potential, keep them accountable, and achieve their goals.


Personally, 2020 was challenging on many professional levels within my family and inner circle.  However, what I discovered is that challenges are the greatest gifts because it forces us to think, reflect, and move forward.  I have coached clients who went from being a very profitable business in 2020 to having to restart and completely reassess their businesses and their lives.  This takes courage and resilience!  As a new and progressive business, I am so proud to serve others and be a part of the restart for many in 2021.  I have already seen what happens when my clients believe in themselves and walk “through” adversity.  


How is this possible?  I will let you in on a little but very powerful secret..It’s about the mind and your mindset…You’ve probably heard, “You can do anything”…which is a lie because it is a misleading broad statement.  The reality is you have to do the work and discover your “inner genius” and once you do..it takes practice, determination, and a work ethic!  Many of my clients come to me and say they are “feeling stuck, lost, or confused”.  These are true and honest feelings!  However, it also means you haven’t discovered your next step, path, and/or goal.  If you are feeling this way, you have already taken the first step to acknowledging that you want to make a change…Start 2021 by believing in yourself and make it your personal mission to be the best you can be!  Live life, rise up to the challenge, and rediscover YOU!